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When your base has enough solids to cover sealed 500 grit scratches, with 2 coats, no mottle and lays slick, Well it makes the whole job a lot nicer, much more enjoyable to work with and higher quality shows through in the end. I haven't sprayed PPG in many years, last time I used it it was a "DBC" system probably back in the 90's.
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It's a great wet on wet sealer, just spray it on, wait at least 1/2 hour then spray your topcoats or primer surfacer over it. It's also good over bare metal as it is a self etching primer. As I mentioned before, it's not a very good primer surfacer as it is tough to sand (it's kinda gummy) and it doesn't fill much even though the viscosity is.
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  • Primer Sealer LP20 Sanding not required ... Always check local VOC laws to ensure that the use of these Limco products is compliant in your area. For custom Supreme PLUS Low VOC Urethane Single Stage (340 gms/liter) colors, the color (LA, LIB, G bases) must be mixed 1 part to 2 parts of LA2899 by volume prior to addition of hardener and reducer.
  • Based on scientific research LimCo International has been developing innovative toximeters since 1994 and offers you highly sensitive online biomonitors to permanently survey your water quality in real time. In wastewater treatment plants, authorities, agencies, companies, industries, fish farms, aquacultures, hydro dams, drinking water ...
  • Designed for use with all Clamco Bench Mounted Sealers. Complete your manual sealing operation by matching our Clamco Bench Mounted Sealer with a Clamco Adjustable Stand. The Clamco manufactured stand is designed to complement the sealer; with a large tray that tilts to a 20° angle. The Model 825 Stand comes with pre-drilled holes to securely ...
  • Limco 821K Low VOC 2K Primer Surfacer Nozzle Size 1.8 1.5 Air Pressure 25 30 ` Limco H1000 1K Waterborne Acrylic Primer Filler Nozzle Size 1.6 1.5 Air Pressure 25 30 Limco LP20 Epoxy Primer Surfacer Nozzle Size 1.6 1.5 Air Pressure 25 30 Limco LP20 Epoxy Primer Adhesion Promoter Nozzle Size 1.6 1.5 Air Pressure 25 30 Limco LS56 1K Sealer Nozzle ...
  • Paint sealant application . Now that the surface is properly and thoroughly prepped, it’s time to lay down some protection. Thanks to the quick polishing step above, you won’t be relying on any wax, sealant or coating to add shine and gloss.